Corporate policy

Since 1965, Günter Apelt GmbH has been manufacturing parts and modules at its Rosenfeld site, and these are used in many different sectors. The traditional values of reliability, fairness and responsibility are just as firmly anchored in our company guidelines as continuous progress in terms of technology, products and services. The executive management team has established a corporate policy to uphold and strengthen these obligations, as well as the reputation and success of Günter Apelt GmbH. The focal point here is always the success of our customers and of our employees.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are our partners. They alone decide on the success and continuing survival of our company. We therefore wish to identify the wishes and future task profiles of our customers at an early stage, and to come up with reliable solutions.


We view the continuous changes on the market as an opportunity for more growth, to place our profits and capabilities at the service of development and provision of innovative processes, services and solutions that also meet the evolving claims of our customers.

Management expertise

We seek to adapt and improve our quality management continuously to reflect new situations. We derive corporate and process goals from our quality policy to encourage and require management staff to shoulder responsibility for achieving our quality objectives together, to identify with our basic values and to guide our employees along these same lines.


It is our aim to generate enough profits to finance further growth of our company, and to provide sufficient resources to enable us to meet our corporate and quality objectives as well as ongoing tasks.

Continuous improvement

We view it as a duty and as a challenge to question the existing situation and to devise cost-effective and forward-looking solutions for the tasks we face, which we accomplish through continuous improvement. Our goal is to improve the quality and competitiveness of the products and services that we offer on a continuous basis.

Zero defect philosophy

For us, problems and detected faults are opportunities to innovate and improve. All of our employees have the duty and the right to prevent defects, to detect faults and to help to remedy them in the quest to produce perfect quality. Here, primary significance is placed on fault prevention rather than on fault detection.

Employee satisfaction

The skills level, information and motivation of all our employees is a fundamental prerequisite for our success as a company. This is why the executive management team and our managers are committed to informing our employees, and to helping them to acquire the knowledge and skills they require through the provision of training courses.

By setting objectives and monitoring and evaluating them on a continuous basis, we are committed to continuous improvement. All of our employees are responsible for implementing this policy in their respective areas of work.