Quality management

For Apelt, quality is Job One. This is a requirement to ourselves, and a constant challenge. One that we tackle using clear strategies. For us, quality is created not just with superlative technical tools, but also with the knowledge, expertise and attitude of every individual person involved. Through this combination of technology and skilled workforce, we are able to provide outstanding services.

The CAQ system with inspection planning, integrated production checks and complete documentation of those checks: at Apelt, all of this happens to the highest conceivable standard. After all, the level of precision which is expected from us requires absolute focus on the process of quality assurance. And we embark upon this process at an earlier stage than elsewhere. As a rule, our customers usually involve and task us right from the design phase. As a result, quality for Apelt commences in the high-end area.

Absolutely precise – quality management at Apelt

  • CNC-3D measuring machine with probe changer and CAD connection, 500 x 700 x 500 mm
  • Image-guided 3D coordinate measuring machine
  • 3D measuring machine, manual guidance
  • Hardness testing equipment for Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell
  • Profile projector with edge sensor
  • Observation microscopes
  • Length measuring devices, some with data output
  • Contour measuring station for external and internal contours
  • CNC form-measuring station for roundness, concentricity, coaxiality, face runout, end runout, parallelism, right-angularity, cylindricity, straightness, inclination and Fourier analysis
  • Surface roughness measuring devices
  • Optical shaft measuring device, 500 x 120 mm
  • Documentation to accompany production with computer-guided quality and production management (PLC, control charts, measurement series).
  • Ongoing PC-controlled monitoring of measuring equipment
  • Certified QM system to EN 9001:2008 and 9100:2009
  • Digital measuring projector

3D coordinate measuring machine

3D-Koordinatenmessgerät Apelt

 Digital measuring projector

Digitaler Messprojektor Apelt
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