Modules (Assembly)

Apelt offers you the convenient service of assembling mechanical single and standard parts into functional units. These may just comprise a few mechanical components, but may also involve the complex assembly of several parts.

We produce and assembly complete modules to your individual design drawings or parts lists. In addition, we handle the entire procurement process for bought-out and standard parts.

Complete service from a single source

We have specialized in module assembly in the following sectors:

Insights into our work – parts from module assembly

Baugruppenmontage Ventilsitz Apelt

Valve seat

  • Sectional model, comprising two parts
  • Material: highly tempered steel
  • Challenge: parts are lapped individually over one another
  • Components are produced in-house at Apelt
Baugruppe Apelt

Shaft equipped

  • Module acc. to parts list
  • Challenge: parts are assembled and inspected
  • Components are produced in-house at Apelt
Baugruppe Luftfahrt

Module for an aerospace application

This module comprises parts that we manufacture in-house to customer drawings, and also of components and standard parts that we source externally.

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