Mechanical engineering and plant construction

In the diverse world of construction of machinery and plants for the various industries, Apelt is always sought out whenever high-precision parts and components are called for. Apelt delivers its contribution with absolute precision, to enable beverages to be filled into bottles reliably and with total hygiene in ultra-modern filling systems, to ensure that in-house transport functions 'just in time' and that foods can be processed, portioned and packaged in precise quantities. You are welcome to think of Apelt the next time you are enjoying a beer or a fruit juice.

Our components for mechanical engineering and plant construction

Apelt produces various components for the mechanical engineering and plant construction sectors.

Our focus here is on the following areas:

  • Components for filling systems
  • Components for conveyor belts / transportation systems
  • Components for transmissions
  • Components for construction equipment
  • Components for compressors

Apelt produces parts to absolute standards of precision – in all the materials called for in the mechanical engineering and plant construction sectors

We keep almost all commonly used materials in stock that are needed for mechanical engineering and for the construction of simple as well as complex industrial plants.

We can support you with the building of prototypes, we can process the CAD data you provide, and can supply you reliably and on schedule with turned parts, milled parts, modules and a great deal more - if you so wish with plating, secondary processing and a range of support services.