Environmental policy

Environmental protection is a matter close to our hearts. In our opinion, we all share an obligation to protect our environment. That also makes this the responsibility of every individual.

Environmental protection measures at Günter Apelt GmbH

We commit ourselves on a voluntary basis:

  • to responsible actions at all times to ensure the health and safety of our employees and at the same time never to endanger the environment. All employees are responsible for diligent behavior in their work areas. All employees should be supported by our managers to implement environmentally aware workplaces.
  • to assist in the preventive health care of our employees through appropriate design of the workplace and working environment. In addition, regular training courses and guidance notes should raise awareness for measures relating to environmental protection as well as to health & safety at work.
  • to avoid recognized environmental risks through continuous optimization of the processes in future. All employees are obliged to report recognized risks to the environment or occupational safety immediately, to remedy them themselves, or to have them remedied.
  • to pay attention to environment-related requirements during development work or when using new processes. Careful use of natural resources should also be assured. Waste should be avoided or minimized.
  • to inform the employees, our customers, our suppliers as well as the competent authorities regularly about our environmental objectives and activities. Wherever necessary, they will be involved directly in the implementation.
  • to encourage all employees to contribute to achieving our defined environmental and quality objectives by meeting their tasks through environment-oriented and targeted activities.