To be successful on the market, continuous dialog must be fostered with and between various well-known associations and business partners. This is why Apelt is a long-standing member of renowned trade associations.


Mitgliedschaft im SPACE

The SPACE organization was founded in June 2007 to boost the competitiveness, stability and responsiveness of the European supply chain. Its aim is to prepare everyone to meet new challenges and to embrace the need for structural change. Just 10 years later, in December 2016, SPACE Deutschland e. V. was founded. When it was founded, the defined objective was to improve the industrial performance capability of the German aerospace industry and its associated suppliers, and to do so continuously and in a sustainable manner.


Mitgliedschaft im LRBW

The Baden-Württemberg aerospace forum (LR-BW) is the networking hub that links business, science, politics and society. Through its networking efforts, it boosts the global competitiveness of locally based aerospace companies - with a particular focus on the SME supplier industry sector. In addition, the LR BW provides a platform for dialog relating to technological topics and challenges in the supply chain. Apelt is one of the founding members of the LR BW.


Mitgliedschaft im BDLI

BDLI, the federal association of the German aerospace industry (Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie e. V.) represents the interests of a sector characterized by worldwide success and international technology leadership. The primary duties of the BDLI are to communicate with political institutions, government bodies, associations and foreign representative offices in Germany, as well as to perform a diverse raft of member support services in Germany and abroad.