Other services

Apelt supplies you with all processes from a single source - from the procurement of raw materials to the plating of surfaces. We ceaselessly strive to work closely with our customers, to enable us to supply turnkey parts made to your individual wishes, with the assistance of skilled partner companies. Naturally, we comply with all applicable supplier specifications.

Our surface plating processes

From 'A' for Anodizing to 'Z' for Zinc-nickel plating

  • Anodizing
  • Chemical nickel-plating
  • Anodic treatment
  • Hard chrome-plating
  • Cadmium-plating / Priming
  • Passivizing
  • Silver-plating
  • Xylan coating
  • Zinc-nickel plating
  • and many others

Heat treatment processes

  • Boundary layer hardening
  • Carbo-nitriding
  • Inductive hardening
  • Inert gas hardening
  • Low-voltage annealing
  • Stress-relieving / degasification
  • and many others

Non-destructive testing

  • Liquid penetrant testing (PT)
  • Magnetic particle testing (MT)
  • Nital etch testing

On request, we would be pleased to offer you further services.