Apelt is always interested in developing motivated and capable young people. Training leading to a qualification is the stepping stone to professional success. As a forward-thinking company, our commitment to vocational training ensures that we shall continue to have the skilled specialists that we will need for our challenging tasks in future.

Training as an industrial mechanic

In the apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic for instrument engineering and precision mechanics, you spend the first year studying full time at the vocational school 'metal'. Here, you acquire the knowledge and skills equivalent to the basic training of an apprenticeship in the metal-working business. This is followed by a further 2.5 years in the German 'dual education' system (technical college and hands-on experience).

What makes a good industrial mechanic?

During your training, you learn how to manufacture workpieces for a very wide range of sectors on our ultra-modern CNC machines. You are also shown how to assemble a module from various components. Alongside this work, you also learn how to program and operate computer-assisted production machines.

To become an industrial mechanic, you should enjoy mathematics, German and physics. You also need to have manual dexterity, a sound grasp of technology and a meticulous and careful approach to work, all important for this profession. You should also enjoy planning, and working in a systematic manner.