Corporate values

In 1965, when Günter Apelt founded our company, he did so with big objectives: he wanted to establish a customer base with demanding and exceptional tasks, founded on precision at a consistently high level and comprehensive service.

With more than 50 years of experience, the name Günter Apelt GmbH now stands even more than ever before for an extremely high-quality manufacturing portfolio of precision parts for customers in a vast array of sectors, including aerospace, pneumatics and hydraulics, mechanical engineering and plant construction as well as measurement and control technology.

Continuity, variety and diligence

Today, Apelt is an SME backed by a motivated and highly capable team as well as by an impressive range of machinery. Thanks to digitally based production planning, using ERP to give real-time access to all utilization data and the processing status of each order, we can guarantee to our customers that they can find out at any time how their orders are progressing.

Over the years, Apelt has developed ceaselessly: from a pure parts manufacturer to a system supplier of completely assembled components. Today they represent a substantial part of the product portfolio and generate a continuously growing share of overall turnover.

Continuity, variety and diligence have always been and shall remain the values against which Apelt measures itself on a daily basis.

Complete service from a single source

Apelt demands a great deal from itself. For example, it is important to us to deliver our customers with a prompt and seamless complete service from a single source, which we seek to achieve through optimized, automated working processes. All stages of the value-added chain, starting with production planning, continuing through production and on to final inspection and delivery, are already based at Apelt on an end-to-end system, and we shall continue to expand its capabilities into the future.